Master Lisandro Vega

Master Li has over 30 years of experience in martial arts and is a nationally-respected teacher of Shaolin and Eagle Claw Kung Fu. He has trained with Master Leung Li Fu, Master Shi Yan Ming, and Master Hu Jian Quang, among others. Master Li is a brilliant and compassionate teacher of children and adults, who is dedicated to the beliefs and practices of Shaolin Kung Fu. He is also the founder of Warriors Fusion. For more information on Master Li or on Warriors Fusion, please visit

Jessica Grasmere, Laoshi
3rd Degree Black Belt, School Owner

Jess Laoshi, Owner and Lead Instructor of Shaolin Kung Fu Center of Hadley, began her martial arts journey in 1999. Her experience includes Wah Lum Kung Fu, QiGong, traditional Shaolin, Northern Long Fist, and Eagle Claw Kung Fu styles.
She has 15 years of experience teaching martial arts. She is an AFAA certified kickboxing instructor, and also has over 25 years of experience in ballet and various styles of dance.

Phil Myers, Laoshi
3rd Degree Black Belt

 Phil Laoshi  began training in Shaolin Kung Fu in 2004, when the school opened. Fire performance and acrobatics complement his Kung Fu skills. Sihing Phil competes regularly in Regional and International Kung Fu competions.  Recently, he received Silver and Bronze in Weapons and Hand forms at the Boston and Washington D.C. ICMAC (International Chinese Martial Arts Championship).  Sihing Phil teaches the Adult and Junior Kung Fu programs and leads our Demo team.

Ras Smallidge, Laoshi
3rd Degree Black Belt

Ras Laoshi is one of the original students of our school when it opened in Amherst in 2004.  He trains with great power and conviction. Sihing Ras teaches in both the Junior and Little Dragons Kung Fu programs. To his teaching, he brings his natural talent as well as extensive knowledge of body mechanics. In addition to keen insights into martial arts, he is a Certified Massage Therapist.

Ryan Budny, Laoshi
2nd Degree Black Belt

Ryan Laoshi is a 2nd degree black sash who has been training in martial arts since 1999. Besides Shaolin Kung Fu, he has trained in Wah Lum, Tae Kwon Do and American boxing.  Sihing Ryan brings enthusiasm, high energy, and humor to his classes.  He teaches the Adult and Junior Kung Fu programs and is one of the lead instructors for the annual Kung Fu Adventure Week, where he specializes in the Ninja training and games.
Assistant Instructors

Shane Campbell- 1st Degree Black Sash

Shane started his training in Kung fu in 2009, and began assisting the Little Dragons and Junior program in 2013. In 2014, Shane became a full-fledged Assistant Instructor. As an energetic person, Kung fu has provided Shane the perfect outlet for his energy, helping him focus and bringing him joy. Shane readily shares that energy with the students he works with and encourages everyone to train kung fu for the love of the art. Shane is motivated to do everything joyfully and be thankful for the chance to take part in something challenging.

In addition to assisting, Shane is a member of the Demo Team, won a Silver medal at the 2015 New England ICMAC Tournament.  Shane also excels academically, winning 2nd place in a creative writing competition and being a grade ahead in Math at school.

He also likes hiking and camping.

Past Instructors and Assistants

Over our many years of operation we have had the great privilege of having some very talented Instructors and Apprentices teach at the school.  Becoming an Apprentice and then a full fledged instructor is an opportunity to build leadership skills and also improve your own martial arts.  Many of them have moved on to focus on other things and we honor them for their leadership and the support they have given over the years.

BJ Richardson- Assistant instructor

Alex Sokolowski- Assistant instructor

Danny Chase- Assistant instructor
Sharon Richardson- Assistant Instructor

Matt West- Assistant Instructor

Zack Ellis- Apprentice

Elijah Palmer- Apprentice

Lindsay Richardson- Apprentice

Hannah Richardson- Apprentice

Cassie Jeschke- Apprentice

Lexie Patton- Apprentice

Nicholas Patterson- Apprentice
Joey Stankiewicz- Assistant
Shotaro Sessions- Assistant

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